Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New Proximity Beacon Module With Over-The-Air Configurability and 4 Year Battery Life

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OPR-EM Micro Beacon with Accelerometer

Omni Pro Electronics has announced the launch of the EMBC22 Proximity Beacon Module which has an integrated accelerometer for keeping a track of moving objects such as a goods carrier. The module features low energy Bluetooth 5.0 and is powered by EM9304, which according to the company is the world’s lowest power Bluetooth. The module has a long operational range along with better battery life. The module comes in a compact coin-shaped housing suitable for low-powered operation.

According to the company, EMBC22 has a longer range of up to 200 m LOS, longer battery life than most similar products, an optional connector for attaching a sensor or a power source, and over-the-air configurability. The module can be securely connected with most iOS and Android devices to program over the air. Parameters that can be modified over the air include packet types, Device name, address, UUID, URL, beacon interval time, and transmitter power along with the sensitivity and functionality of the internal accelerometer. The company claims that the EMBC22 is compatible with all major beacon formats including iBeacon, Eddystone, AltBeacon, and proprietary systems such as Quuppa Intelligent Locating System.

Omni Pro states that the EMBC22 accelerometer can be used to implement efficient and low-energy algorithms for various applications. It can be used to activate beaconing on gesture or by movement. The beacon consumes minimal energy when it is not in an active state which makes it suitable for storing in the Warehouse mode. According to the company, the device can run for over 4 years without needing a battery change if it is activated for only 6 hours a day with a one-second advertising interval and configured for 0dBm output power.

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The module comes in waterproof housing and is available in PCB module format without a housing. The module has an integrated switch and battery holder which makes it easier to use for applications such as asset monitoring, warehouse management, etc.


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