Thursday, July 18, 2024

Renesas Announces Low-Cost Solutions For Automotive Cameras

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Renesas introduces solutions for automotive cameras that enable HD video using low-cost cables and connectors.

In-vehicle infotainment systems are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They deliver  entertainment and information to the driver and the passengers through audio/ video interfaces, control elements like touch screen displays, button panel, voice commands, and more. More importantly, these infotainment systems increase safety. The HD video displays used are increasingly important in car safety systems for object recognition functionality. These displays help users identify objects in the rear very clearly.

Renesas Electronics Corporation announces its new Automotive HD Link (AHL) to deliver high-definition video over low-cost cables and connectors that currently support standard-definition video. For data transfer to high definition displays, high quality and high-speed HD cables are required which are costly. Renesas introduces AHL solutions that can support low-cost twisted pair cables.

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The new RAA279971 AHL encoder and RAA279972 decoder by Renesas use analog signals to transmit the video, enabling transmission rates 10 times less than required to transmit HD signals digitally. For this lower transmission rates, low-cost twisted pair cables and standard connectors can be used. 

The AHL is immune against noise and a bidirectional control channel. One of the important advantages of using analog link over digital is that digital link will degrade due to failure in cable harness or connector, but the analog link will only result in a slight change in video color or contrast and all pixels will appear on the screen. Despite the connector or harness failure,  the image will precisely identify an object or person behind the vehicle.

More information about AHL is available at



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