Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Wearable Tracking Device That Ensures Strict Quarantine Measures

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The wristband also suitable for patient health monitoring and communicates through Bluetooth LE technology

To fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Prodigy Electronics has launched the Disposable Electronics Wristband (DEW), a wearable tracking solution designed to assist medical authorities to track persons who require to undergo quarantine at a designated place. The DEW wristband when paired with a mobile application ensures that the person is in quarantine, sends alerts in case the person leaves the designated place or tampers with the device and supports efficient management of the quarantine process.

Other applications are patient monitoring at medical facilities and access control, micro-payments and other customised solutions.

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The wristband has been developed using the Nordic NRF52805 controller and an ARM Cortex-M4 processor clocked at 64MHz. This single-mode system fully supports the 2.4GHz Bluetooth beacon technology.

Using Bluetooth LE connectivity, the DEW-band communicates with a paired smartphone, from where an iOS and Android companion app can be used to customise the device, enter personal information, and view graphical representations of current and past data.

The wristband communicates on standard beacon protocols including Apple iBeacon. The BLE data packet broadcasts data every one second (which includes company id, model/ major/ minor no., battery level, operation mode, strap connection/ magnetic sensor status). Each wristband has a security lock to prevent tampering. Once activated, it alerts the central administration system for deactivation/ removal.

Powered with a 3V primary Lithium battery, the wristband can operate in active mode for up to 12 months based on beacon broadcast interval and lasts for multi-year sleep mode when kept in storage.  The wristband easily meets the 2 to 4-week quarantine requirement set by the hospitals and public health departments.

The wristband weighs only 12 grams with an adjustable wrist strap of 195mm x 16mm. The main case is 58mm in length and 36mm in width. The wristband is made with a durable and flexible TPU material, making it water-resistant and environment friendly.

This product fully meets the technical requirements of CE and meets EU safety specifications and standards. Product samples are available now at the website of Prodigy Electronics.


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