Monday, June 17, 2024

Compact Odour Imaging Sensor Having Wide Sensing Capabilities

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Can detect odours for specific substances used in agriculture, robotics, IoT, industrial and healthcare sectors

In a bid to digitise odours with visualisation patterns from various odour inputs (similar to an animal’s sense of smell), a compact odour imaging sensor has been developed by Aroma Bit, a developer and manufacturer of compact odour imaging sensors and various related innovative services. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it differs from conventional gas sensors, which can only detect specific substances.

Furthermore, the device has a wide range of applications, including food, agriculture, daily commodities, industrial machinery, mobility, healthcare, robotics, mobile information service, home electronics and IoT industries. With market applications exceeding initial expectations, there is considerable potential demand for odour digitisation using Aroma Bit’s innovative technology.

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Previously, the company launched its silicon CMOS sensor module development kit [5C-SSM-H1], which featured 80 elements arranged on a 6 mm x 3 mm silicon chip (5 types of odour-sensitive membrane x 16 elements per membrane).

Additionally, Aroma Bit plans to strengthen the development of new products and services that leverage the company’s proprietary odour databases and expand its sales and marketing worldwide.

In the future, Aroma Bit will continue to pursue its vision of “Enrich Society by Creating a World where Odours and Aromas are Visualised through Digital Odour Sensing Technology.”


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