Friday, April 12, 2024

Robotic Hand Built With Anatomy Similar To That Of A Human Hand

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An exceptionally precise and portable tool, the robotic hand has the ability to manipulate objects and skillfully perform the tasks that are hard for a human to do so

The SoftHand (Credit:

Inspired by human agility and the human sense of touch, German Robotics GmbH, a developer of robotics technology, has introduced an anatomically accurate hand called SoftHand for Cobots. Just like a human hand, the robot has nineteen dislocatable, self-healing finger joints and force sensors for effectively gripping complex geometries as well as for pick-and-place operations for electronic components during electronics production.

For research

The SoftHand for research operates using software such as Matlab-Simulink and high-level C language that is oriented towards machine learning. The robotic hand comes in different colours and is primarily intended for research and educational purposes.

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For industry

The SoftHand for the industry has been designed for a firmer grip to hold objects weighing up to 600 g. The robot has a wrist that is rotatable and easily replaceable. Protection class IP65 makes it possible to use in damp, dusty or other tough environments. SoftHand fulfills numerous industrial task requirements associated with risk assessment, strength and force limitations.

The Panda

The SoftHand is a perfect addition to German Robotics GmbH’s robotic arm called the Panda by Franka Emika. The Panda by Franka Emika offers the easiest and fastest workflow-based user experience. With the help of the Franka Emika’s programming interface called the DESK, apps for controlling robotic movements (in seven axes) can be created in a short time. Its pre-built training programs include: training software and a certified education table and comes with CE safety approval.

The Panda by Franka Emika (Credit:

In order to remotely operate the Panda robotic arm, the German Robotics WiFi interface helps in controlling the device wirelessly.


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