Friday, March 1, 2024

SMARC 2.1 System-on-Modules with Advanced AI Features

By Nidhi Agarwal

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System-on-Modules redefine embedded solutions for industrial and commercial use with their advanced AI capabilities, energy efficiency, and superior performance.


ARIES Embedded has introduced the SMARC-certified system-on-modules (SoM) – MRZG2LS and MRZV2LS. The SoMs are aligned with the SMARC 2.1 (Smart Mobility Architecture) standard set by SGET (Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e. V.). This benchmark establishes a multi-functional compact module tailored for applications demanding energy efficiency, affordability, and stellar performance. 

Renesas’s AI accelerator, “DRP-AI”, has a Dynamic Reconfigurable Processor (DRP) and AI-MAC. Owing to its energy efficiency, it sidesteps the necessity for cooling solutions such as fans or heat sinks. This ensures cost-effective AI incorporation in diverse areas, from consumer electronics and industrial gear to applications like retail point-of-sale (POS) terminals. Furthermore, DRP-AI delivers real-time AI analysis alongside image processing, featuring crucial functionalities for camera integration, like colour calibration and noise minimization. This empowers users to integrate AI-focused vision applications without relying on an external image signal processor (ISP).

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The SoM features dual Cortex-A55, with speeds up to 1 GHz, complemented by the Cortex-M33. Beyond the optional AI accelerator, they have a 3D graphics engine and an H.264 video codec. They are operational in temperature spans of 0 °C to +70 °C for commercial use and -40 °C to +85 °C in industrial contexts.

Some of the key features of the SoMs include:

  • 3D Graphics engine (Arm Mali-G31)
  • Video Codec (H.264)
  • 512MB – 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4GB-64GB eMMC NAND Flash
  • dual 10/100/1000MBit Ethernet with PHY
  • USB2.0 Host/OTG
  • 2x CAN
  • UART, I2C, SPI
  • ADC
  • Camera interface MIPI-CSI
  • Display interface MIPI-DSI

“While the MRZG2LS SoM integrates the single/dual Cortex®-A55/Cortex®-M33, the MRZV2LS is equipped with a Cortex-A55 (1.2GHz) CPU and built-in AI accelerator ‘DRP-AI’ for vision applications, which is Renesas’ original technology,” explained Andreas Widder, Managing Director of ARIES Embedded. “Our new SoMs are ideal for applications such as entry-class industrial human-machine interfaces (HMIs), embedded vision, edge artificial intelligence (edge-AI), real-time control, industrial ethernet connectivity, and embedded devices with video capabilities.”

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