Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Software Suite That Provides Security For Embedded Systems

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  • The extended embedded device support by IAR Systems helps developers to implement security for their applications
  • Also allows developments to fulfill device compliances

IAR Systems, a supplier of software tools and services for embedded development, has released new versions of the security development tool C-Trust and the Security from Inception Suite, thus extending the device support with many microcontrollers (MCUs) from Renesas Electronics Corporation and addressing the increased security requirements for embedded applications.

C-Trust works as an extension of the IAR Embedded Workbench and enables developers to easily protect an existing or new application without dealing with advanced security complexities.

The Security from Inception Suite integrates C-Trust with additional security development tools plus training for supporting companies that are transitioning into the security domain to achieve legislative requirements, such as the ETSI TS 103 645 standard and the IEC 62443 industrial IoT security standard.

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The Renesas RA MCU family is based on Arm Cortex-M and delivers a combination of optimized performance, security, connectivity, peripheral IP and easy-to-use Flexible Software Package (FSP) to address the next generation of embedded solutions. The security development tool C-Trust supports the RA6M3 group of MCUs in the RA Family. In addition, the support for Renesas RX MCUs is extended with support for RX72N, building on the previous RX65N coverage.

Empowering secure development

By using C-Trust, developers can improve the security of an application with robust protection against Intellectual Property (IP) theft, malware injection, counterfeiting and overproduction. Furthermore, by developing on the Renesas platforms with C-Trust, it is now possible to quickly meet new compliances. For example, it can now be ensured that the identity and device management requirements laid down by IEC62443 are easily integrated across the development organization.

“We have built a comprehensive partner ecosystem around RA MCUs, making it easy to develop IoT endpoint and edge devices for a number of application areas,” says Mohammed Dogar, Senior Director of Global Business Development at Renesas. “We are pleased to see our key partner IAR Systems further contributing to this by adding support for more Renesas MCUs in their security tools.”

“The growing number of security legislations globally drives a need for easing security implementation, both in existing and new designs,” says Clive Watts, Director of Product Management, Embedded Security Solutions, IAR Systems. “To help our customers in meeting the increasing security requirements, we are constantly updating the device support in our security tools offering. By supporting both the RA and RX families, we deliver a security solution enabling developers to leverage their security investment across several architectures without the need for extensive redesign or rework.”


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