Thursday, July 18, 2024

CONTEST: Spy Nerd Design Challenge

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element14 Announces Spy Nerd Design Challenge to encourage to design a security or spy related project.

About the Challenge

Securing data is important in a number of industries, and this design challenge gives element14 community members the opportunity to make essential devices secure for added protection and peace of mind. Community members are encouraged to create either new projects around the concept of security, or to enhance an existing project’s security. Community members can work on a wide variety of security related projects, including:

  • Integrating hardware with new or existing IoT edge devices
  • Securing consumer electronics
  • Innovation around safe, smart retail
  • Building robust and secure solutions for building or home automation
  • Designing secure factory solutions
  • Creating better energy and renewables solutions


The grand prize for the best overall project is a Spy Kit Bundle that includes an AI RF Detector, a Rabbler Noise Generator, night vision binoculars, as well as a $200 shopping cart to Newark. Three first place winners for the runners up will receive night vision binoculars plus a $100 shopping cart.

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element14 is now accepting project submissions through November 16. Designers can submit their projects here:



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