Monday, June 17, 2024

Videometers: The Future Of Analysis

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An Astro-scientist examines light from a star and determines the composition of the star no matter how far it is. The same concept of radiation of light can be used to detect the chemical and physical structure of products.

Videometer Seed/ Grain Analyser

A ‘Videometer’ is one of the first patented instruments to provide Multispectral imaging. It was developed by Dr Jens Michael Carstensen and his team of scientists from Denmark  “This instrument covers spectra range from 375 nm to 970 nm. It is equipped with high-end artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms powered with a multivariate statistical tool”, said Dr Haresh Suthar, Director, Tara International. It is a state of art instrument used for fast, versatile, non-destructive spectral imaging solutions for a wide range of applications. Once the known laboratory samples are trained before usage, the videometer gives results in maximum time of 10 seconds.

“It is used in a wide range of applications like grain and seed variety identification, disease detection, malting, germination and hydration, authenticity and contamination detection in food and its ingredients, coating and API distribution in tablets in Pharma, agar plate colony counting of multiple species simultaneously in Microbiology, corrosion quantification and grading of materials and surfaces, forensic analysis of fingerprints, blood stains, inks, powder residues, questioned documents, counterfeits, color quantification, and many more”, said Microbiologist Ms. Sweta Patel, CEO, Tara International.

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The beauty of this technology is that it covers three spectra simultaneously like UV, Visible, and NIR. This gives nondestructive quantitative analysis of the product under test. The instrument covers wide range of applications and available in inline, online and desktop mode. This technology is going to be even popular in the future thanks to combinations with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

“This technology will make big revolution in the field of Analytical and Measuring Technology in near future!”, said Dr Bharatkumar Davda, CMD, Tara International.


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