Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Alcohol Breath Analyser with Inbuilt Printer Model A30

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Digital Alcohol Breath Analyser with Inbuilt Printer is the most common device for testing of blood alcohol content in human’s body today. Alcohol Breath Analyser estimates the concentration of alcohol in the body by measuring the amount of alcohol exhaled from the lungs. It is illegal to operate a vehicle, boat or aircraft when the blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit. In most states, a criminal offense occurs where the concentration of alcohol exceeds 40mg per 100 ml of blood (.08% BAC), without having to prove impairment. So Traffic police officers use some of the latest technology to detect alcohol levels in suspected drunk drivers and remove offenders from the roads. It is widely used by traffic police, throughout the country and also used to detect alcohol in a person in a plant, factory, offices, hotels, supermarket .etc.

This model A30 has very advanced features including Touch Screen along with Button Operation, 20,000 Memories, Inbuilt Printer, Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery, Power Adapter, Car Charger Adapter, Mouth Pcs, USB Cable, PC Software and a beautiful Carry Bag. 


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