Sunday, June 16, 2024

Kusan-Meco Battery Internalresistance Tester Model – KM 930

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KUSAM-MECO has introduced a new BATTERY INTERNAL RESISTANCE TESTER MODEL KM-930. It is an instrument to measure the internal resistance, Voltage and Temperature of rechargeable batteries such as lead storage batteries & lithium batteries to determine the health of the battery. This meter uses 4-terminal test method to measure the internal resistance of the battery and can measure the correct value without being affected by the contact resistance between the test wire, terminal & battery electrode. It also has function such as data storage, data access, alarm and automatic shutdown. It is ideal instrument for battery production, battery installation, equipment production etc. This tester is controlled by a microprocessor (16-bit A D) which can accurately detect battery internal resistance, voltage & temperature without stopping the UPS system, using AC-low resistance measurement and noise reduction technology without stopping the normal operation of the device under test. It has facility of Bluetooth connection for wireless measurement. The resistance range is 0.000mΩ to 3.100Ω. The voltage range is 0- 70V. The temperature measurement range is -10°C to 60°C. It has fast response time of 200 mS. It has facility for preset PASS, fail, warnings. The weight is Approx. 480grm. It is supplied with Test Leads, USB Cable, Charger, Software CD, Instruction Manual, Instrument box.


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