Friday, April 12, 2024

Hioki’s Power Analyzer – PW8001

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The PW8001 sets a new benchmark for complete power analysis solutions with Hioki being the only manufacturer that offers industry-leading power analyzers and a wide portfolio of high-accuracy current sensors both developed and manufactured by Hioki. This enables to align their performance and results in more accurate and stable measurements from DC to high frequencies and low power factor measurements thanks to functions like the automatic phase shift correction.

Upcoming industry challenges are anticipated with the ability to measure even large currents at voltages up to 1500 V, 15 MS/s sampling rate and multi-channel measurement target applications using SiC/GaN semiconductors from automobile electrification, smart grids and reactors to renewable energy supply sources.

Key Features :- 

  1. World-class measurement accuracy: Basic accuracy ±0.03%, DC accuracy ±0.05%, 50 kHz accuracy 0.2%.
  2. Accurate capture of power fluctuations caused by high-speed switching: Sampling performance 18-bit, 15 MHz, Noise Resistance (CMRR) 110 dB, 100 kHz.
  3. Up to 8 power channels optimizing your measurement: 8-channel power measurement
  4. Accurately measure high-frequency, low-power-factor power: Current sensor automatic phase correction function.
  5. Simultaneous analysis of 4 motors: 4-motor/2-motor simultaneous analysis function
  6. Integration of measurement data into CAN networks: CAN or CAN FD output function
  7. Safe evaluation of increasingly high-voltage solar inverters: 1500 V DC CAT II / 1000 V DC CAT III. 



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