Saturday, June 15, 2024

Synzen Showcases Solution To Simplify IoT Product Design

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Designing IoT products just got a whole lot easier. Synzen Precision Technology, a leading provider of IoT solutions, has announced the launch of a new development platform that uses the advanced capabilities of the Nordic nRF9160 module. This new platform is designed to simplify the creation and deployment of IoT projects while ensuring seamless connectivity and secure data transmission.

The Nordic nRF9160 module is a highly advanced chip that supports LTE connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Using innovative antenna design techniques, engineers at Synzen have developed a new LTE solution whereby no band switching networks are required, which greatly reduces costs, complexity, and required PCB real estate. The whole package comes in a small form factor, measuring a compact 50x50mm.

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To achieve this, Synzen has chosen its highest-performing antennas to perfectly match Nordic’s System-in-Package. Synzen’s platform uses the ATRIA antenna for LTE connectivity, SIRIUSa antenna for BLE, and SIRIUSb antenna for GNSS. These advanced capabilities provide users with reliable and uninterrupted connectivity, allowing for the seamless transmission of data.

With Synzen’s new development platform, users can quickly and easily create and deploy IoT projects without the need for extensive technical knowledge. The platform’s high-performing and simplified integration ensures that users can get started quickly and efficiently. This, in turn, helps to reduce project costs and accelerate time-to-market.

Synzen’s reference design also prioritizes security, ensuring that data transmission is protected and secure – not compromised in any way. This is particularly important for IoT projects, where the sensitive nature of the data being transmitted demands the highest levels of security.

“We are thrilled to launch our new development platform, which utilizes the advanced
capabilities of the Nordic nRF9160 module,” said Chris Tomlin, Synzen’s Technical Director. “Our platform provides users with reliable and uninterrupted connectivity, while also simplifying the creation and deployment of IoT projects. We are confident that our platform will help users to reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market, ultimately leading to the creation of better and more effective IoT solutions.”

Synzen Precision Technology is bringing its innovative and class-leading antennas to this year’s Embedded World trade fair in Germany. European distributors, Tekmodul GmbH, will be showcasing a wide range of Synzen’s products in Hall 3, Stand #3-310.

Embedded World is an important meeting space for all products, services, and innovations in the world of IoT and other embedded technologies. Around 30,000 visitors and 1,000 companies are expected at the trade show which takes place from Tuesday 14th March to Thursday 16th March in Nuremberg.

Synzen’s development platform is now available for users to get started. Users can experience the power of this advanced reference design, and take advantage of the benefits it provides for the creation and deployment of IoT projects. With Synzen, designing IoT products has never been easier.



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