Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Waterproof And Tamper‐Resistant Pre‐Configured Cable Assemblies

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Ultraminiature connectors on micro coax cable configurations ideal for use in outdoor and security sensitive applications

Amphenol RF is pleased to offer waterproof IP‐rated and tamper‐resistant cable assemblies designed using 1.13 mm micro coax cable. These cable assemblies are available across three popular connector series – SMA, TNC and RP‐TNC – and feature the ultraminiature AMC connector on one end.

These ultraminiature assemblies are intended for use in applications where systems may be compromised through exposure to the elements or external tampering providing strong protection against both.

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All three cable assembly configurations operate at 50 ohms and utilise the familiar threaded interface, which ensures mating stability and reliable electrical performance. The front‐mounted bulkhead jacks can be fastened on the inside of the panel or enclosure which provides additional security for sensitive systems. The 1.13 mm micro coax cable provides additional flexibility for installation needs, as well as an ultraminiature, mated connection for small spaces and crowded PCBs.

Waterproof sealed solutions are engineered to protect your application from outside elements and are fully tested to IP67 specifications in the mated and unmated condition. RF lines are designed to meet interface performance specifications, with the addition of internal and external sealing features. IP67 products are suited for several applications, including remote outdoor enclosures, portable radios, handheld devices and industrial equipment.


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