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Tiny robots roam around the body

Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University have developed miniature wearable robots, Rovables, that can crawl down and around unmodified garments; you do not need to wear any special garment to make these crawl on you.

With the help of magnetic gripping wheels on either side of clothing, Rovables can scale garments. Sensors and artificial intelligence help these to be partially autonomous. A little bigger than a ring box, these tiny wearable robots can house wireless communications, microcontrollers and a battery that can stay charged for 45 minutes at full capacity before needing to be charged again. However, researchers say that battery life should extend for much longer if the robots are not moving all the time.

These robots can be quite useful. For example, when there is a new email, these can tap on your body, or roll up your sleeve if your body temperature increases. Also, these can form a light on your back during an evening bike ride or assemble on your arm to create a display and play video.

Rovables come with low-power localisation systems that allow these to move autonomously (Image courtesy:



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