How About WhatsApp For Your Business

Purba Das, senior business journalist, EFY


The company invites prospective clients to the WhatsAppinar by email. Once registered, users get a link to join the WhatsAppinar 24 hours prior to the WhatsAppinar, following which the sessions begin. Once the sessions are over, users can post their queries or suggestions.

Freeze of Aspect Software, however, notes that for brands to use WhatsApp effectively, they need to integrate it efficiently with their other channels. “Adding a service channel that consumers use and trust makes sense to increase engagement and provide service on the terms of your customers. But if that channel is not fully integrated with access to customer data, reporting resources and the expertise of the contact centre, it will hardly deliver an optimal experience. By applying contact centre best practices to mobile customer engagements, organisations can realise better value from the channel at a lower cost, without sacrificing the disciplines and service levels that are making the contact centre the de facto centre of the customer experience.”

Internal communication

Considering the privacy that WhatsApp offers, most enterprises often use it for internal communications. Be it discussing a project to implementing employee engagement initiative, WhatsApp serves as a perfect platform to communicate. For instance, companies such as insurance web aggregator Policy Bazaar use WhatsApp for internal communications. The company has separate WhatsApp groups of each business unit as well as the management, wherein important information and updates are shared with everyone.
“For us, it looked like the perfect tool to keep everyone in the loop and help managers reach their team members at any moment of their workday. It is also a good way to maintain these employees’ engagement to their company by offering them the same information as the ones who can access the corporate website or intranet,” says Alexandra Guimaraes, an HR expert in her blog “Should you use WhatsApp for your internal communications?.”

It is interesting to note that while WhatsApp is great tool for companies to do their business efficiently, unfortunately it has not yet been explored much by India Inc. However, once they realise the value of this simple instant messenger, WhatsApp could be the next big thing in the communication space in the country.




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