Thursday, November 30, 2023

“We Specialise in FPGAs, DSP-based DAQ and SoC Prototyping”

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Q. Would you be recruiting design engineers in the next 12 months?
A. Argus has open positions specific to FPGA development, device driver development, radio frequency (RF) design engineers and component engineers, and we plan to add around 15 additional engineers in the next two quarters.

Q. Do you have a training or internship programme?
A. Argus has short-term training programs for design analysis and computer-aided design (CAD) for working professionals. We also have a six-month internship and hire program for hardware design engineers.

Q. What are your selection criteria for hiring freshers?
A. We hire freshers through our training program. The candidates should be from the electronics stream. We are open to and have been hiring talented candidates who meet our evaluation criteria and are not specific about the colleges or institutes they come from.

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Q. What are the skill-sets you find that freshers lack?
A. For electronics product design industries, engineering graduates need to have very strong fundamentals of digital or analogue electronics. Though courses on FPGA/ very large scale integration (VLSI) /embedded software help new recruits to ramp up to software validation and VLSI verification requirements, lack of basic knowledge of logic and engineering fundamentals is delaying their deployment for design and development projects.


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