Wednesday, May 29, 2024

HBM3 DRAM That Matches High Data Processing Rate

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The fourth generation chip of the HBM technology provides larger capacity and significantly improved level of quality

Raising the data processing rate is the new and innovative DRAM, the High Bandwidth Memory 3 (HBM3) by SK hynix Inc. that is the fourth generation of the HBM technology and includes multiple DRAM chips connected vertically. The previous three generations are HBM, HBM2 and HBM2E, which is an update to the HBM2 specification with increased bandwidth and capacities.

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Besides being the fastest DRAM in the world, the HBM3 comes with the biggest capacity and significantly improved level of quality. It can process up to 819GB (Gigabyte) per second, meaning that 163 FHD (full-HD) movies (5GB each) can be transmitted in a single second. This represents a 78% increase in the data-processing speed compared with the HBM2E. It also corrects data (bit) errors with the help of the built-in on-die error-correction code, significantly improving the reliability of the product.

The HBM3 will be provided in 24GB and 16GB. For the 24GB product, the height of the DRAM chip is grounded to approximately 30 micrometres (μm, 10-6m), equivalent to a third of an A4 paper’s thickness, before vertically stacking 12 chips using the through silicon via technology.

The HBM3 is suitable for adoption mainly by high-performance data centres as well as machine learning platforms that enhance the performance level of artificial intelligence and supercomputing for climate change analysis and drug development.

The HBM3 carries forward the mass production of HBM2E and is expected to help consolidate the company’s leadership in the market in the coming years.


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