Friday, April 19, 2024

High Speed Gaming DRAM Available In The Market

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The limited edition gaming modules achieve high-overclocking speeds, thanks to its custom tuning at the die level and low latency

Offering users with the highest speeds for an optimal gaming memory is the Crucial Ballistix MAX 5100 gaming DRAM that incorporates custom tuning at the die level, resulting in high performance. 

Crucial gaming memory is purpose-built, allowing the new 5100MT/s modules to deliver blazing fast speeds to hardcore gamers and maximised results to overclocking enthusiasts.

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Crucial Ballistix MAX 5100 modules’ reliability, faster speed and lower latency features facilitate extreme overclocking and are compatible with the very latest AMD and Intel platforms. 

“Our latest Crucial Ballistix memory is giving gamers a sharper edge by enabling higher frame rates and better system performance,” said Teresa Kelley, vice president and general manager of Micron’s Consumer Products Group. 

The new modules expand the award-winning Crucial Ballistix product portfolio and have been vertically integrated — designed, engineered and manufactured from start to finish in-house. Available for a limited period, the Crucial Ballistix MAX 5100 modules are available in 16GB kits for purchase at or through select global channel partners. 


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