Friday, May 24, 2024

Thin Optical Sensor For Health and Fitness Wearables

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  • Maxim Integrated’s sensor solution facilitates better insights into health and fitness for medical professionals and general users
  • Wearable device designers can leverage the sensor’s small size and built-in algorithms for faster product development and faster time-to-market

The rapid development of wearable health monitors is providing medical professionals and end-users access to health insights for proactively managing preventative care needs and chronic conditions. Developers strive to continue this momentum by creating innovative solutions to provide deeper insight into health conditions and open doors to improve wellness.

To enable quick and easy design of sensors for wearable health and fitness products, Maxim Integrated has introduced the MAXM86146, a dual-photodetector optical sensor solution. The sensor module includes built-in algorithms for heart-rate and oxygen-saturation (SpO2) monitoring, as well as advanced activity classification. Its small size and ease of design allows innovative biosensing features in less space and supports rapid development of accurate, continuous health-monitoring devices.

The MAXM86146 offers wearable product designers the ability to achieve a 45 per cent thinner optical design versus a discrete approach. Additionally, the module comes with biosensing algorithms that are verified by strict medical standards for measuring vital signs.

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Key Benefits

  • Small Size: A thin dual-photodetector optical sensor solution enables lighter, more compact power-efficient devices. The sensor includes two photodiodes, an optical AFE and a microcontroller with built-in algorithms (activity classification, heart rate, SpO2) in a 0.88mm package.
  • Fast Time-to-Market: Drop-in module solution cuts development time by up to six months.
  • Innovation Focus: With ready-to-go algorithms that measure key vital signs, developers can focus on expanding functionality instead of algorithm development.

“By cutting our development time, Maxim Integrated’s state-of-the-art optical sensor solution allows us to focus on new feature introductions,” said Satish Movva, founder and CEO of CarePredict. “In addition, caregivers get unprecedented remote access to the activity and behaviour indicators of seniors through the CarePredict wearable to help manage their health conditions from afar.”

“Design space and time-to-market are at a premium for designers of next-generation wearable healthcare monitors,” said Andrew Baker, managing director, Industrial and Healthcare Business Unit at Maxim Integrated. “With the world’s thinnest dual-photodetector optical sensor solution, we enable a greater capacity for designers to rapidly introduce innovative capabilities.”

The MAXM86146CFU+ and the MAXM86146EVSYS# evaluation kit is now available from Maxim’s website and authorized distributors.


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