Monday, July 22, 2024

Experience Comes From Bad Decisions

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With strong suggestions for girls to pursue technology, Nandini B, Director of Tescom Pvt. Ltd in an interaction with the EFY on the occasion of Women’s Day, urges women to never let the world discourage women in the field. 

“If you like to pursue technology, then never hesitate to implant passion and take it forward.  Never let the world say things like women cant excel in technology or logic based applications.  Gender equality in every aspect leads to better education and better growth for a country. This will eventually lead to better international competitiveness. So, I would request girls to opt for tech streams. Technical knowledge combined with financial awareness will make women successful entrepreneurs,” says Nandini. 

She believes that youngsters with knowledge of electronics and AI can be very successful with electronics at the centre of all technological innovations

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As an arts graduate, Nandini says she had picked up to work with the government or public sector though her long term goal was in entrepreneurship. She recollects her key mistakes as a person not being able to establish her area of interest independently. “If I had done that, I could have accomplished and achieved much earlier.”

Nandini also points out to her olden days where she was being paranoid about risk and exposure. “I later understood that risk taking ability is the key quality of an entrepreneur that differentiates  him/her from the rest.  As women, we are terrific mentors and problem solvers and this aspect gets reflected in every stage of business. It is advisable to keep in mind that good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions,” she elaborates. 

She says that giving necessary focus at the right time and right place, be it professional or personal can help anyone to succeed. When asked about her tips for  male colleagues, she suggests them to travel along with their female colleagues and not consider their breaks like pregnancy as a hurdle to the company’s growth. 






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