Thursday, June 13, 2024

New High-Temperature Rated PPTC Overcurrent Protectors

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The rated Polymer PTC products meet requirements for high current and low thermal derating in a small footprint

Providing effective overcurrent protection in applications with higher ambient operating temperatures is the new Multifuse MF-FSHT Polymer PTC model family that also reduces the risk of generating nuisance tripping at elevated temperatures between 85 degrees Celsius and 125 degrees Celsius. These capabilities are particularly useful in applications that regularly experience elevated ambient temperatures, including industrial equipment, outdoor security systems and computing/storage devices.

The new polymer PTC models have been built using high-melting point polymer materials and carbon-based conductive fillers that help achieve high-reliability overcurrent protection performance tailored for high temperature environments. Additionally, the conductive polymer formulation also offers high resistance to commonly found oils, lubricants and solvents that can create adverse effects in some industrial and transportation applications. These overcurrent protector devices feature Ihold current ratings from 0.05 A to 0.16 A at the 12 V maximum rated voltage.

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“Our latest MF-FSHT series of surface mount polymer PTCs allows designers to more confidently specify robust overcurrent protection into their higher temperature applications where a long-life operation is a must,” said Lee Bourns, Product Line Manager for Overcurrent Protection at Bourns. “Furthermore, these new models also provide enhanced thermal derating performance at higher temperatures, thereby allowing designers to benefit from higher Ihold and Itrip current ratings at elevated temperatures.”

The new Multifuse MF-FSHT Polymer PTC model family is available now in a small EIA 0603 footprint, is RoHS compliant and is produced in a Bourns IATF 16949 certified facility.


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