Thursday, December 8, 2022

Seven Ways to Effectively Use Today’s Feature-Heavy Scopes

Abhishek A. Mutha is a senior technical correspondent at EFY

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Some other useful features and suggestions
Here are some extra features and suggestions that you might find to be helpful.

Making the most of triggers. The time-out-trigger mode can help with the challenging task of capturing signals that contain different pulse widths. Also, the slope-trigger function in an oscilloscope, which triggers on the positive or negative slope of a specified time interval, is useful for capturing saw-tooth and triangular-shaped signals.

Directly manipulate with fingers. “In our 6000X series scope that offer bandwidth starting from 1GHz up to 6GHz, we have moved to a capacitive-enabled, multi-touch gesture-enabled display that provides similar capabilities of modern-day smartphones and tablets,” informs Bhatia. For example, a user can use the multi-touch feature to effectively change the horizontal or vertical scaling by using two fingers and gesture for zooming out or in and even drag a waveform around.

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Consider five times the measured signal’s bandwidth. Correct sampling is essential for making accurate measurements and it also completely eliminates errors from your design. A general rule for analogue signals is considering five times the bandwidth of the signal you wish to measure. Coming to high-frequency signal elements, it would be advisable to set your scope to attain five to ten times over sampling.

Make the most of those probes. Also, appropriate probing and comprehending the correct use of ground reference and differential signals is important to go error-free. If your data lines are not grounded, make necessary adjustments, keeping in mind the effect of ground loops and noise on measurements. Make full use of probe techniques and advanced noise-cancelling features on your oscilloscope to curb noise. If required, utilise differential probes for superior measurement quality.



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