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From Spying To Dynamic Traffic Control With Thermal Cameras

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There are two main types of smartsensors. The vision chips while used in the visible range, using smart sensing techniques, allow pre-processing due to the increase in growth of integrated microcircuitry. The other technology is more oriented to a specific use and fulfils its pre-processing goal through its design and structure.

Better FOV and focus

Comparing two notional thermal cameras that use the same uncooled VOx detectors and 35mm lenses, we get the following estimates. The 320-pixel camera will have a 13°×10° field of view (FOV), while the 640-pixel camera will have an 18°×14° FOV. This will give you a nearly 40 per cent increase in coverage area while still being able to detect a person from nearly 50 per cent farther away. The tactical and economic benefits of increased resolution are measurable and undeniable.

fig 2
Fig. 2: Testo869 electrical maintenance

Fluke Ti450 IR camera delivers images automatically focused throughout the FOV. Using a multi-sharp focus technology, it takes multiple images and combines these to produce one in-focus image. Similar technologies allow clarity in thermal imaging cameras, which was missing earlier. With further wireless connectivity, these are handy in the field.

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There is also a super-resolution technology from Testo that provides images suitable for data analytics. It works by increasing the instantaneous FOV and is not like a digital enhancement, explaines Bhangare.

Adding such features drastically changes the imaging game. A thermal camera employs sensors that capture IR light radiating off objects. These require significant power.

box 1

Additionally, wireless capabilities like wireless connectivity also put a load on power requirements. This renders Keysight 5855A capable of working for about three hours at a stretch. An additional battery is provided to reduce load as much as possible.

Implementing the equipment

From sports like cricket to research sciences like astronomy, all fields employ thermal imaging cameras for different purposes. Maintenance, repair and operations people use these to locate over-heating joints and parts in order to eliminate potential hazards. Construction technicians check for heat leaks to improve efficiencies of air-conditioning systems in buildings using thermal imaging cameras.

box 2

Thermal imaging cameras have become so popular that Philippe Baylaucq even directed a 15-minute short dance film, Ora, entirely in 3D thermography. Bhangare explains customer demand as, “an imager that can see far off objects large enough with correct temperature information.”

Some physiological activities, particularly responses such as fever in human beings andother warm-blooded animals, can also be monitored with thermographic imaging. Cooled IR cameras can be found at major astronomy research telescopes, even those that are not IR telescopes.

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