Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A Hybrid Analog and Digital Book: The Dawn of Next Gen Printed Electronics

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The book enables access to digital content by touching ‘links’ or inked buttons printed directly on the book’s paper. 

Greek startup AmphiLab has developed a hybrid analog and digital book, The BitBook, that has been declared winner of the one-off Open Call competition organized by the European Project INNPAPER. Founded by mechanical engineer and industrial designer Manolis Kelaidis, his vision seems bright and his ideas are taking us to the next generation applications of printed electronics. 

Hybrid Analog and Digital Book

According to Manolis, interactive paper books already exist in the market, however, they are primitive in function. Most of them consist of cardboard-like pages or use systems like plastic buttons or QR-codes which require external devices to perform the task.

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BitBooks on the other hand,  look and feel just like regular books. Booklovers must get the feeling instantly, the smell in those pages is an aura by itself and BitBook promises to maintain that along with its additional properties. “It avoids cables or large plastic components, making the technology almost invisible and allowing for a multi-sensory reading experience,” says Manolis.

How it Works

It consists of a low-profile, wireless electronic module connected to nearby equipment, like desktop screens or speakers, which perform the output.  An old traditional printed book can be placed within this Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem and a user experience of the highest level can be achieved. 

Manolis says an extension of this is the autonomous books with all the digital data stored and incorporated within memory chips, using integrated speakers or paper screens which can hence avoid the need for any kind of external equipment.

This technology can be of great use for children, older people, differently-abled people and children having learning difficulties, such as dyslexia or those from the autism spectrum. They have a whole new experience by reading, hearing, looking for meaning and more as and when they wish to with great comfort.

Together with the use of INNPAPER’s printed electronic devices, which include paper batteries, antennas and paper displays, this technology hopes to achieve the highest standards that are also environmentally friendly.


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