Developing Agro-IoT Solutions And Smart Concepts To Technically Empower Indian Farmers

IoT and smart concepts to the rescue of our farmers


The government’s interest level on IoT and smart concepts has seemingly doubled

As of now, with IoT research still developing in India, the government has formed the Centre of Excellence on the Internet of Things along with Nasscom. This is to further research on IoT across a plethora of domains such as smart cities, and smart villages. IoT experts hope that agro-IoT would be given its due here.

“I am sure they are certainly taking necessary steps in the direction of making agriculture technologies advanced and thereby focused on making the life of farmers easier,” adds Ravi Gupta, business analyst at Inventrom.

‘Other’ Agro-IoT solutions by private players increase hope for farmers and engineers

Budding IoT and embedded engineers (and technologists) should remember that Agro-IoT solutions have already deployed at the ground level. A classic example here is the Inventrom Bolt that are designed to effectively solve the farmers’ crop failure issues by helping farmers with site-specific nutrient management with the help of sensors and environment for crop growth involving storage mapping, and soil quality checking,

Inventrom’s Bolt has been deployed at the ground level by clients who have used the solution for a wide variety of uses including farmer profiling, crop monitoring, soil weather monitoring, and more.

“Bolt can solve loss due to crop failure and for enriching farmer’s produce selling, an efficient online market place and supply chain management is an optimal solution,” signs-off Swetha.

At EFY, we have covered Bolt along with use-cases. Click here to navigate to the article now.

Major contributors to the story

Swetha Gaded Business Analyst at Bengaluru-based Inventrom; a firm that is focussed on leveraging the Internet of Things for application across various sectors to transform businesses across the world
Dr Regi Mathew Vice President of Predictive Analytics at CleverInsight
Ravi Gupta Business Analyst at Inventrom
Experienced Embedded engineers, and IoT-solution providers based in Bengaluru


Written by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY


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