Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Altium Launches New Version of Vault Technology and an All New Team Configuration Management System

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Often it is a challenging task to manage and keep track of all the team and design data. To resolve these issues, Altium strengthens its ever growing Altium Vault product family with the release of the brand new version 1.2 which can be hosted on an organisation’s own network infrastructure, providing a next generation of smart team and design data management system.

To avoid problems associated with managing and deploying engineering team design environments, Altium adds a new member to the Altium Vault family of products, The Team Configuration Center.

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Altium Vault Technology
Altium Vaults manages all the design data from component libraries and supply chain data, to design reuse and release to manufacture and helps in ensuring the storage, sharing, using and releasing of the precious data in the most optimal way.

When a design content is explicitly released by a designer, design items are created and stored in the Vaults serving as containers of reusable design content, components, and designs that have been released for fabrication and assembly. A set of permissions will make these design items visible to other design team members, others within the organisation, or external manufacturers and suppliers who may be given controlled access for the purpose of procurement and manufacturing them.

Altium Vault Server
Altium Vault Server serves as a bridge between the engineering team, the rest of the company as a whole by selectively sharing relevant design data to other teams and outside sources. It ensures that the files released to manufacture meet release requirements and approvals. Furthermore, the re usable design contents have a proven track record and provides the organization a clear understanding of the upstream and downstream effects of the deprecation of any of these elements.

Altium Personal Vault
Altium Personal Vault Server is a lightweight implementation of the Altium Vault Server which is primarily designed to provide ‘individuals’ with the benefits of robust design data management and can be installed on a single workstation.

What’s new in Version 1.2?
After listening to customer feedback, Altium has developed and released this new version 1.2 of the Altium Vault which can be hosted on an organization’s own network infrastructure. Altium Vault Version 1.2 will add the ability to migrate data from one vault to another, and enhanced support for connecting to corporate enterprise systems, such as ERP and PLM.

“We often see talented design teams having to work within processes that actually stifle innovation and provide little supply chain information during the design phase,” said, Marc Depret, Product Manager at Altium. “Engineers can spend as much as half their day just managing data. With Altium Vault Server 1.2, they can focus on innovation, not endless paperwork and inefficient checklists”, he added.

Key Business Benefits of the New Version

  • Traceability and Where-Used Information through disciplined re-visioning
    Everyone working in the same environment, use of standard document templates and approved export formats will provide greater consistency in designing processes and avoid confusion when design data is moved or viewed across multiple machines.
  • Shortened design cycles through design reuse.
    Re usable Vault content will have a proven track record and immediate access to each item’s history and life cycle will help a designer implement the new designs quickly and easily.
  • Risk reduction through smart supply chain intelligence during design time
    Real time information on each component’s cost and availability, allows designers to change it during design time and select more informed component before a mistake ends up which will cost extra time, money and resources.

The Team Configuration Centre
Maintaining a standard set of design styles and tool set ups always have a significant impact on team’s productivity, Altium’s new product Team Configuration Center helps the organisations centralize and standardize their design environment and puts the entire design team on the same page, sharing the same design environment and standard documents. It is a part of the Altium Vault family of products which can be integrated with an Altium Vault server or run from a local server in an organization’s network.

The Team Configuration Center with an Altium Vault provides standardization, efficiency and elegance to the design team’s design system and ensures:

  • Working in a ready-to-go, reliable and company approved design environment
  • Using CAD library components that are known to be good and have acceptable supply chain solutions
  • Handing off designs to manufacturing that have passed checking and are in the correct format

License Options
The Altium Vault Server and Team Configuration Center are a separate licensing options. Team Configuration Center can be installed standalone or integrated with the Altium Vault Server.

About Altium
Altium Limited is an Australian multinational software corporation that focuses on 3D PCB design, electronics design and embedded system development software. With its flagship product, Altium Designer and embedded software compilers, Altium enables electronics designers to innovate, harness the latest devices and technologies, manage their projects across broad design ‘ecosystems’, and create connected, intelligent products.

Founded in 1985, Altium has offices worldwide, with US locations in San Diego and Boston, European locations in Karlsruhe, Amersfoort and Kiev and Asia-Pacific locations in Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney.


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