India To Have 2 Billion Networked Devices by 2016: AMCC

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Q. What is AppliedMicro’s status with respect to the Indian telecom market?
A. Coming close to home, it should be noted that India is also seeing an enormous growth in the telecom market. With the world moving to cloud, there is no way of being left out. These new technologies would need to be deployed here at the same time they are being deployed in the developed world. India will itself have two billion networked devices by 2016, double from the 1 billion devices in 2011!

India is one of only six countries worldwide to have commercial LTE TDD services according to the latest statistics from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA). During the course of 2012 and into 2013, India will become an increasingly important market in the global LTE TDD sector as a growing number of BWA license-holders will launch services, introduce competition and stimulate the LTE TDD ecosystem of chipset firms, device manufacturers, applications developers and network infrastructure vendors.

All of these and the introduction of 3G and 4G will lead telcos and network equipment OEMs to quickly re-jig their strategy. They are actively considering next-generation silicon technologies that will enable them to support the data transmission. The government has little choice but to quickly resolve the mess and paralysis created by the 2G spectrum scam.

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In view of these massive changes occurring in the marketplace, we have aligned AppliedMicro to leverage our expertise in telecom, optical, silicon and server-on-a-chip technology to create data centre solutions that will support transmission, storage and security at the high-speed rates required by this next generation infrastructure.

What is going to be the role of India design centres in AppliedMicro’s solutions development?
India is very strategic for AppliedMicro. One of the main reasons for us to come to India is to work closely with our customer and partner ecosystem. India also possesses the design leadership skills and technical maturity that we require to lead the development of next-generation technologies in the evolution of computing and connectivity infrastructure.

Our Bangalore and Pune design centres will participate in the design, development, verification, physical design, validation and software development of all our core technologies. For example, unlike typical design centres in India, our Bangalore design centre will drive key product conceptualisation and development for global products.

The engineers will be involved in several processor-based designs based on the X-Gene platform as well as in SoC designs for our Connectivity products. Our team here will be at the top of the value chain in terms of design development. They will not only have the opportunity to be at the core of product conceptualisation and development, but also have the key responsibility of project ownership out of here.

By being directly involved in shaping AppliedMicro’s X-Gene ‘server-on-a-Chip’ platform, our Pune and Bangalore centres will have the opportunity to be pioneers in energy management in cloud computing, and work with some of the industry’s best partners and most-demanding customers. Engineers will get a unique and rare once-in-a-career opportunity to be part of a team building the next generation server and datacentre connectivity architecture/solution.



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