Thursday, December 8, 2022

AI is the Buzz Word for India’s Research but Hardly Implemented in Industry

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Practical IoT systems use a combination of software running in the cloud and software running on so-called “edge” devices – the actual system in use. MATLAB is unique in allowing engineers to easily deploy algorithms to both cloud and edge devices, giving much greater flexibility in how the overall IoT system is designed.

Q. How do you motivate your team at MathWorks?

A. What we have found helpful is making sure the engineers understand what happens with the software. There are not building a function, app or some underlying technology, they are building tools that transform the world. So, whatever we do we celebrate our success and we also maintain a blog where we describe the scientific discoveries or engineering breakthroughs that have been achieved using the tools developed by us. I feel that high-quality results are completely motivating for engineers.

Q. Your advice for future engineers working towards cutting-edge technologies?

A. The technology by itself does not change the world. Making the technology accessible is how you make an impact. Our advice to future engineers is to continue to focus on making the latest technology easy and accessible to engineers and scientists. Put in the hard work to figure out how to make complex technology simple for domain experts to use without having to become experts in the new technology.

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