Saturday, April 20, 2024

“India well-positioned for value added manufacturing and solutions”

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Through the ‘global operation, local delivery’ business strategy, BenQ Solar has successfully built many solar projects worldwide, and is able to ship products that are locally made in Europe, Taiwan, China, US and through its potential Indian business partners to its worldwide customers. Distribution channels and service networks are being expanded continuously and simultaneously in Europe, America and Asia to provide customers with prompt and complete support and solar solutions that are easy to install, highly efficient and reliable.

Q. Please share your go-to-market strategy with regard to the Indian market?
A. AUO will be focussing on the Indian market with different solutions by partnering with local companies. The company plans to determine partner requirement to define co-operative business model to create solutions for the domestic market. This co-operation will be in the area of technology development, manufacturing and project development.

Q. Where all is your company present in India?
A. We do not have our own office in India. Though we are in discussions with few potential partners, we would not be able to disclose the details now. However, if anyone wants to contact us directly, they can touch base with Nava Akkineni in India.

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Q. Are you open to partnering with distributors and system integrators in India?
A. Yes, we are looking for partners. In fact, we are also in talks with a few potential partners but we can’t disclose the details till the time everything gets finalised.

Q. What are the challenges that you have faced and foresee in India?
A. One of the most challenging opportunities that we are facing in India is to set up a correct business model and affiliating with the right business partner.

Q. What have been your marketing initiatives to generate more business in the country?
A. We haven’t yet got a chance to attend any expo or advertise in any magazine but we are certainly looking forward to creating and implementing a marketing strategy in India.


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