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We Specialise In IoT-driven On-board Diagnostics Reporting Of Vehicles – Shaistha Farheen

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In our quest to explore diverse IoT solution providers, we connected with Bangalore-based Cumulation Technologies and its Digital Marketing Executive Shaistha Farheen who threw light on various IoT-driven technologies that include a smart on-board diagnostics reporting of vehicles.

Q. What is your organisation USP with respect to IoT?

A. Our Company has the understanding of best practices in the mobile application design and has first-hand experience accommodating the requirements of a typical IoT hardwares. While we deal with IoT hardware communication or architecture, we bring in the crucial learning from the mobile usage patterns of the end consumers.

Q. What are the key technologies that you are working on?

A. We have worked on technologies like on-board-diagnostics reporting of the vehicle, wearable device communications, and lost & found device prototypes.

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We have also worked on defining the communication protocols for wireless music speakers, home automation systems. We have first-hand experience dealing with Multicast, Bonjour, UPnP, MQTT etc..

Q. Any particular elements that you are already known or famous for (even within your community or sector)?

 A. We are known for providing Software Development Kit to hardware manufacturers of BLE and WiFi devices and providing well designed mobile applications in adherence to the industry standards.

Q. What niche do you intent to be a leader in?

A. We want to be the industry leader in design and development of mobile apps/SDK that interacts with BLE or WiFi enabled hardware devices.

Q. What are the major features or projects that your team is currently involved in?

A. We are working on the below:

  • Libre Wireless Music Speakers – Currently in production stage with few large speaker manufacturer companies.
  • Davek Umbrellas Lost Alert – Raised $100K in kickstarter round.
  • OLAS – Man Overboard Alert System on vessels and containers.
  • AutoWiz- Vehicle Tracking with analytical ability to analyze the diagnostics of the vehicle.
  • Intel- Healthcare Application to analyze hearing impairment.
  • Digilux- Home Automation

Q. Who all have you partnered with respect to technologies and components and why?

A. Partners with industry experience are crucial for the successful implementation of an IoT project.At Cumulations, we have partners from below disciplines:

  • Empoise – Industrial design, Strategic product design, Product packaging and UI/UX design.
  • Ensemble tech – Schematic design, PCB design, Hardware development, Prototyping.
  • Scatter Blue – Physical Security, Automotive safety.
  • Signovus – Embedded design house, Validation and Certification services.

Q. Whom do you target as clients?

A. Consumer electronics manufacturers & the industry experts who are building their innovative hardware solutions where mobile devices are the primary channels of usage.

Q. How many engineers do you currently have, and how many do you intend to hire in the next 12 months?

A. We are a team of 25 very talented engineers and we would be close to 40 within the next 12 months.

Q. Do you have a training/internship program?

A. Yes. We have internship programs where we get interns to flex their muscles on Android framework. We have had multiple internships before with students from IITs and NITs.


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