Monday, December 4, 2023

IoT-Exclusive Experience Retail Stores Coming to India, With Airflash

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Q. Are there any finer points that Smart Retail Store owners should keep in mind?

A. Absolutely, apart from effective showcasing of products by different brands, retailers would also be in a position to charge these brands a premium amount for smart solutions implemented. So even retailers stand to gain from smart retail stores.

 Q. Any specific initiatives that you have personally undertaken to drive IoT to Indian masses, along  New Age Smart Retailing?

A. Honestly speaking IoT product companies are struggling to get market foothold in India. To mitigate this, we are working on the Airflash custom smart experience retail stores.

Q. Kindly take us through Airflash

A. Airflash retail stores would showcase IoT-exclusive devices and Gadgets. Here, people can simply walk-in and experience these products unboxed. We would launch these stores in the next couple of months, along with an online platform.

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These Physical stores will be e-commerce enablers and will help Amazon, Flipkart and others to improve their urban penetrations in the new age categories of IoT. We are currently signing up Brands both from large Corporates and Startups to showcase their products in our physical stores to reach wider customer base beyond traditional retail channels. Unfortunately, I cannot mention more details now. Wait for the launch to happen.

Q. Finally, do you think that smart retail stores as a separate subject of study at the Indian engineering level would help foster entrepreneurship?

A. Absolutely, Retail has been a major job creator for India and we are one of the largest consumer base in the world. Smart retailing technology from Logistics, supply chain, Warehouse management to in-Store communication, Customer Engagements and Sales should be integrated within appropriate engineering branches to improve the employability of our graduates in the Retail sector.

Brands intending to contact Avinash Kaushik/Revxx for detailed experiences on Airflash, can do so at [email protected].


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