Saturday, August 13, 2022

“The mobile phone market has space for serious manufacturers”

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Q. How different are the requirements of Indian users?
A. Indians like music and increasingly many of them want to stay connected. With Xenium technology, people don’t get disrupted from a call just because the battery of the cellphone goes out. This is especially useful for smartphones. On most smartphones, because of rich content and special operating system, one use (usually music) is disconnected.

Q. Tell us more about the Xenium technology for long battery life.
A. Xenium is managing the power using little power for transmission. In a layman’s language, when you are talking your phone is in use, and when you are not talking it’s in sleeping mode but still consuming the battery constantly. In our phone, when it’s in sleeping mode, the battery isn’t consumed at all and it’s being preserved.

There could be many steps for a given operation. By eliminating unnecessary steps, we can make the device use less power.

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Normally, to deliver an output, we take two steps. Optimisation is second. So it’s a combination of system, hardware and software. Hardware is the chip. For example, if people take four steps to perform a task, we take three steps and in the process we save power.

In sleeping mode, leakage of the components contributes a lot to energy loss. So the selection of right components for the design of a phone is crucial.

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