Value has a Value ONLY if it’s Value is Valued


A. I have been very fortunate to witness a distinct variety of leadership in my career span and I have tried learning something from each of them. From learning to be resourceful in my very first job, to understanding that sales & marketing is a journey and an experience and to acknowledging ‘value that is valued’ is most critical, it has been a long learning experience.

Q. What is your leadership style in terms of managing your people? Any mantras that you have developed/follow to lead your team?

A. As a people-manager, I have always believed that the role of the manager is to create the environs conducive for innovations and new initiatives. This further creates value for all the stakeholders.

Q. How do you balance time between work and personal life?

A. I am still trying.

Q. If you were in college right now—what would you wanna be in the next 5 years?

A. I haven’t thought about it, maybe I would want to replay/repeat of what I did!

Q. How do you maintain balance in this fast-paced life?

A. By defining my actions/goals for things that I can control and influence, and stop bothering about the rest.

Q. What are the three things you’d like people to say at your retirement party?

A. Humble, Responsive & Wise.



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