Sunday, July 21, 2024

“In the x86 space, Intel Atom has opened a new market for SFF designs”

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Q. What do you offer in India?
A. Kontron offers an entire range of embedded computer technologies to Indian customers. We help our customers to design their embedded appliances based on standard platforms as well as customised solutions. Kontron Technology India (KTI) focuses on helping OEMs in vertical markets such as energy production, transportation and distribution, healthcare and communications. The company delivers embedded computer products with competent local technical support to provide stable long-term deliveries. Also, many of Kontron’s global customers are moving more and more of their R&D activities into India. Thus, KTI is focusing on supporting these international OEMs.

Q. How different are the market requirements in India and how do you meet these?
A. Embedded computer technology is a global market. We do not see any major difference in the local market here in terms of hardware requirements. As for software development skills, this goes hand in hand with our hardware offerings because we enable developers to start with software integration by providing them with sophisticated board support packages and drivers for the most relevant operating systems.


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