Saturday, July 13, 2024

Where To Start While Trying To Select A Developer Board?

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“I’m a big fan of Arduino and it is kind of the original developer board. It is also good to see that they are diversifying into new kinds of boards,” adds Eben. It is also very powerful because it has a very big community, a good flow and also helps with figuring out how to get Atmel chips integrated into your product. Arduino can help you get past these kinds of problems.

The community following isn’t limited to the Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi’s of the world though. There are numerous maker groups, organisations and communities doing their own thing too. You can meet up with most of them at EFY’s Electronics Rocks branded conferences in Bengaluru. The next one is scheduled for October 15th.

Ganesh Kumar, country sales manager at Atmel, says, “Due to the nature of our MCUs being deployed in a wide spectrum of applications & industries, we’ve accustomed to servicing, not just a few large customers, but the long-tail customers, among them many are Makers or Start-ups. We believe that these currently small players will eventually play a key role in shaping the up-and-coming Internet Of Things (IoT) revolution. According to Garner, 50% of the IoT solutions by 2018 will be provided by startups that are less than 3 years old. We believe that many of such key IoT players will emerge from the Makers.”

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Accessibility to good IDEs are essential as they enable creative minds together with developer communities to turn innovative concepts into succesfull new products.

STM32 users can now choose from three IDEs from leading vendors, which are free of charge and deployed in close cooperation with ST. Users can choose between Eclipse-based IDEs such as CooCox CoIDE or Ac6 System Workbench for STM32, and the MDK-ARM environment. There are no code-size limitations, and all necessary STM32 configuration files and firmware are supported, as well as intuitive hardware such as STM32 Nucleo boards or Discovery Kits used for design validation and development.



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