Friday, April 12, 2024

Control Your IoT Projects From Anywhere With Ease By Using This App

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  • Arduino’s latest app release can greatly benefit IoT project developers to control applications through their mobile devices
  • Setting up a dashboard and data visualisation is now simple

To help users develop their IoT solutions online, Arduino has launched the new Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app, which allows monitoring and controlling the dashboards through your mobile devices. Now creating your dashboard via a desktop or tablet is quick and easy.

Applications include:

  • Read data from soil sensors or start the irrigation system directly from anywhere. 
  • Constantly monitor the status of the manufacturing process, with the ability to remotely control factory automation. 
  • Monitor your home automation systems, check your previous or actual energy consumption from the convenience of your sofa.

The tool automatically configures your devices (including the secure crypto element) and automatically generates the main code for your project, making setup as straightforward as possible. A broad set of simple widgets to connect to the properties provides great versatility and enables setting up of a new dashboard within minutes.

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All dashboards are fully customisable. Devices can be grouped and organised in any sequence by simply dragging and dropping to arrange the layout. One can also select from multiple options including graphs to visualise and display the data from multiple IoT devices in a single dashboard and control the devices as required through your dashboard to fully integrate your solution. 

As of now, the Arduino IoT Cloud Remote app (the iOS version) is available for free download from the App Store. The Android version is to follow in the next few weeks.


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