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Tiny NVIDIA Supercomputer Now Available in India Bringing Artificial Intelligence to New Generation of Autonomous Robots and Drones

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Jetson TX1 Module Runs Deep Neural Networks for Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Navigation, While Drawing Little Power

Bangalore, India – September 21, 2016: NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing, today announced the Jetson™ TX1 module is now available in India through distributor, Rashi Peripherals. This credit-card sized module harnesses the power of machine learning to enable a new generation of smart, autonomous machines that can learn.

image003Jetson TX1 addresses the challenge of creating a new wave of millions of smart devices — drones that don’t just fly by remote control, but navigate their way through a forest for search and rescue; compact security surveillance systems that don’t just scan crowds, but identify suspicious activity; and robots that don’t just perform tasks, but tailor them to individuals’ habits — by incorporating capabilities such as machine learning, computer vision, navigation and more.

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Jetson TX1 is the first embedded computer designed to process deep neural networks — computer software that can learn to recognize objects or interpret information. This new approach to program computers is called machine learning and can be used to perform complex tasks such as recognizing images, processing conversational speech, or analyzing a room full of furniture and finding a path to navigate across it. Machine learning is a groundbreaking technology that will give autonomous devices a giant leap in capability.

With 1 teraflops of performance the Jetson TX1 delivers exceptional performance for machine learning, computer vision, GPU computing and graphics, while drawing very little power.

“From advanced robotics to drones, intelligent machines with deep learning capabilities are transforming the world as we know it,” said Vishal Dhupar, managing director, South Asia, NVIDIA. “With the Jetson TX1, India’s innovators from startups to academia and research can harness the power of parallel computing on mobile embedded products with applications limited only by one’s imagination.”

Available as a module, Jetson TX1 is also built into a Developer Kit, which enables hobbyists and professionals to develop and test highly advanced autonomous devices. This makes it easy to transition from development to manufacturing and production.

Key features of the Jetson TX1 include:

  • GPU: 1 tera flops, 256-core Maxwell™ architecture-based GPU offering best-in-class performance
  • CPU: 64-bit ARM A57 CPUs
  • Video: 4K video encode and decode
  • Camera: Support for 1400 megapixels/second
  • Memory: 4GB LPDDR4; 25.6 gigabytes/second
  • Storage: 16GB e MMC
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth: 802.11ac 2×2 Bluetooth ready
  • Networking: 1GB Ethernet
  • OS Support: Linux for Tegra
  • Size: 50mm x 87mm, slightly smaller than a credit card

Jetson TX1 includes the most comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) for embedded visual computing, including the newly released JetPack 2.3,an all-in-one package that bundles and installs all system software, tools, optimized libraries and APIs, along with providing examples so developers can quickly get up and running with their innovative designs.

Key JetPack 2.3 features include:

  • TensorRT: Formerly known as GIE, TensorRT is a deep learning inference engine that maximizes runtime performance for applications such as image classification, segmentation and object detection.
  • cuDNN 5.1: A CUDA -accelerated library for deep learning that provides highly tuned implementations for standard routines such as convolutions, activation functions and tensor transformations.
  • Multimedia API: A package of low-level APIs ideal for flexible application development
  • CUDA 8: The latest release includes updated host compiler support of GCC 5.x and the NVCC CUDA compiler has been optimized for up to 2x faster compilation. CUDA 8 also includes nvGRAPH, an accelerated library for graph analytics.


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