“WEBENCH is the top tool in the industry for anyone designing power circuits”


Q. Does TI target startups in India in a manner similar to how it does universities and colleges?
A. Well, not exactly. We do have a dedicated program for startups and IDHs as part of our third party and partner program called TI Design Network. We interact with these startups and IDHs, collaborating with them to develop solutions and provide other technical support to address their innovation challenges. Since the IDHs in India are very active, this is another opportunity for us to get in on the ground floor with future big customers.

Q. From TI’s point of view, is India merely a huge sales destination? Does the feedback you get from your Indian clients affect your APAC operations?
A. Why just APAC? The feedback we get from any region can affect our worldwide operations. We have a large team of analog and mixed signal engineers in India, who are designing products for customers worldwide. It is very advantageous to have them here from a relationship-building point of view. If, for example, a team is working on products for telecom base stations, they can visit the key customers in person and talk with them about the innovations that we are considering. Hence, on that front, we engage with customers well in advance.

So, when customers give feedback for products they use, we treat it with care and take it into account for future designs.


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