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Beat the Heat with Air Conditioning Solutions

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Some available air conditioners in the market

Data collected from e-commerce websites. Subject to change
Data collected from e-commerce websites. Subject to change

Usage Parameters: Billing Hours

An AC requires servicing about once a year, costing about a thousand INR, with third-party installation in the beginning about double that amount. For a regular household, a couple of four or five-star rated AC would bring down the electricity bills sufficiently.

A typical 1500 watt AC working 10 hours a day, uses up to 450 units in a month. With the electricity rates different for different regions, and the different star rated appliance, this can range somewhere between, INR 600-2300 for a low star rated device. This electricity consumption in large is due to the compressor, active for about 80% of the operating time of an AC.

Data collected from third-party service providers, and internet. Subject to change

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Optimisation: Reducing The Electricity Bill

A better option is to go for a high star rated AC so that, the cooling is comparatively faster. Another useful installation tip would be to avoid putting the AC unit under direct sunlight. ACs are not set up on walls facing direct sunlight. This reduces the efficiency and beats the purpose of installing a high-efficiency appliance in your house.

For a split AC selection, there is another option of installing an Inverter AC. This feature controls the compressor in a way that it uses very less power. In the earlier systems, there was no control over the power consumption of the compressor. Once the compressor starts, it works at full power, till it is switched off. With this newer technology, the compressor is always on, but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. This reduces the average power consumption by 30-50%.

However, AC vendors that we spoke to explained that while they try to sell five-star ACs using the efficiency card, a customer going for five-star for the sake of efficiency alone will only find it worth his investment if the ACs are running for more than 15 hours on every day of the year.

Final Decision

With the rapid increase in world temperature, the need for air conditioners has risen dramatically. A lot of innovation is happening and better and more efficient products are entering the market regularly. Inverter ACs are reducing electricity consumption on a daily basis. Even large open areas use AC, places where even cassette ACs are impractical, employ ventilation ducts, to maintain a cool temperature. This would always motivate the manufacturers to bring out something new to the market. Hence it is always beneficial to know what to look for, and knowing your requirements will help in deciding on the right one. After all, you don’t buy an air conditioner everyday.



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