Biological Image Analysis Using Fiji


Image stitching. Stitching plugin helps in combining the image collected from different samples or different views into a single cohesive output.

Tracking. Tool for Automated Sporozoite Tracking (ToAST) and TrackMate are some of the plugins used in the software for the purpose of tracking. While some of these tracking plugins rely heavily on manual interaction, others can be automated to provide high-throughput analyses.

Visualisation. Graphical illustration of data enables scientists to have a better understanding and insight over data.

Boosting interdisciplinary research

The main purpose behind the development of this platform is clearly stated in the research paper titled ‘Fiji: An open source platform for biological-image analysis’ by Johannes Schindelin and others. Developers envision the software as a platform for productive collaboration between computer science and biology research communities.

Is the software successful in achieving its mission? Yes, says the user community around the world. “No doubt, ImageJ and Fiji are the best open source image-analysis software. These are easy and powerful,” points out a user on Researchgate. If you are a biologist, a computer scientist or a researcher in bioinformatics working in biological-image processing, Fiji could be the ideal tool for you.

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