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Traction Test Laboratory Engineer At Alstom

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Alstom

Purpose of the Job

  • He/she defines and implements the most appropriate Tests Benches for the Traction Validation Project
  • He/she defines and implements the most appropriate device for CAPEX needs
  • He/she defines and realize the most appropriate actions for the maintainability issues
  • He/she produces a complete technical file for every technical deliverables


  • Organisation structure (job belongs to..)
  • Hierarchical: TrTLM Test Laboratory Manager
  • Functional : TrTLM Test Laboratory Manager
  • Network & Links Position title of connected positions / functional reportInternal:
  • Internal: metrology, Validation Engineer, Skill Leader, TrSE, TrVE
  • External: subcontractors, suppliers, other sites TrTLE

Main Responsibilities

  • Specifying and designing Tests Benches (Hard and Soft) for investigation or Validation activities in the Traction Scope.
  • Specifying and designing devices for CAPEX requirements
  • Managing Test Bench production (support for realization)
  • Managing QCD objectives for Test Bench deliverables
  • Managing the commissioning and the receipt of the Test Bench
  • Specifying and performing the maintenance of devices
  • Producing a complete technical file for every technical deliverables
  • REX capitalisation, in accordance with the Skill Leader process
  • Appling ALSTOM CV process
  • Respecting EHS rules notably implementing “LockOut-TagOut” instruction.

Main Required Competencies

Educational Requirements: Bachelor in Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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  • Defining the most appropriate device (test bench) in accordance with Validation Test requirements & within the costs time and pass-fail criterion set for the test
  • Guarantying the great functionality of the devices and is relevant in case of trouble shooting on his/her bench

Competencies & Skills (Technical & Behavioural)

  • Responsible for: in agreement with the expected S/Q/C/D/P
  • Participating in the realization of the Validation Plan
  • Preparing the tests, she/he is responsible for: equipment for testing, applied configuration and pre-requisites
  • Respecting EHS rules notably implementing “LockOut-TagOut” instruction.
  • Supervising and/or executing test activities, analysing test results “live” and deciding if test has to be redone
  • Reviewing part of the Parts Validation Plan relevant to test at Traction Test Bench level or
  • Train level and accepting (to be included in
  • Traction Validation Plan) or rejecting considering other possibilities
  • Test results data analysis, writing test reports and/or approving reviewing Traction Test Procedures / reports
  • Managing the validation schedule, optimizing the validation sequence in relationship with the traction design and configuration maturity and test means availability
  • Applying ALSTOM CV process
  • Defines and participates in the commissioning (=fine tuning), and manage it together with the validation manager
  • Traction validation activities for the traction/auxiliary at train level
  • Analysis of technical issues and proposes solutions during commissioning and reliability growth phase
  • Identifies the technical risks and supports the traction or auxiliary PrEM for implementation or update of the technical part of the riskmitigation plan
  • Contributor to:Participate in the Tuning phase with Design Team , Participate to the Bench recipe
  • Support Test Method Team on Routine Test Benches
  • Realized with the Traction Validation Skill Leader, the Traction Validation Plan and the Traction Validation Management Plan for the product and/or project


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