Thursday, July 18, 2024

Physical Design Engineer At Intel

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: Intel

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Job Description

Creates bottoms-up elements of chip design including but not limited to Device cell and block level layouts Blocklevel floor plans abstract view generation RC extraction and schematic layout verification and debug using phases of physical design development including parasitic extraction clock generation custom polygon editing auto place and route algorithms floor planning full chip assembly RV DFM Density and verification Troubleshoots design issues and applies proactive intervention May schedule staffing execution and verification of complex chips development and execution of project methodologies and or flow developments


You should possess a BE or BTech or equivalent technical degree in Electronics Electrical engineering with knowledge in Layout Designing ExperienceSkills Additional qualifications include Proficiency in multiple levels of layout design which includes data path register files and standard cell designs Proficiency in floor planning activities which include FUBunit level assembly routing and integration of custom blocks into the FC floorplan Ability to comprehend issues of RC delay electromigration self-heating and cross capacitance Ability to recognize failure prone layout structures and proactively contact engineers for guidance and produce an electrically robust layout


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