Saturday, May 18, 2024

Power Electronics in Solar Industry to Soon Hit the Mainstream

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For controlling the cost of a solar products an engineer needs to put the SPV panel to full utility under all conditions in the design stage itself. Today, SPV modules are the backbone of the end product. But the scenario has to change to electronics playing a lead role.

In this regard, Reddy informs, “Updates till date that have come in include MPPT charger. MPPT is an algorithm catering to power for longer period, ultimately reducing the SPV module size and power. This reduces the cost of the SPV module. But, overall, product cost remains the same.” So what is the advantage of MPPT charger with respect to the cost? “I suggest the fresh engineers to churn out new thoughts like boost regulating the power at each SPV module and then stretching its power to the junction box, which could be an answer to that question,” he adds further. So here the skills of power electronics engineer take the lead role.
The current pay packages might not be very promising, but the solar industry has a big future. The window is open for the next 50 or more years.

The author is a senior technical correspondent at EFY


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