Soft Skills, Skill Enhancement Programs Take You Closer To Your Dream Engineering Job


Influencing opinions

This is a key aspect which when overly done results in disaster. “Speak and conduct such that the listener is in awe of your knowledge,” states the Symantec HR professional.

Always remember that you may have a perfect resume and the right interview skills; these might only get you to an interview but not through it. Job interviews require all the soft skills you have.

It doesn’t hurt to opt for external soft skills training and skill enhancement programs

Career counsellors and experts highly recommend fresh engineering graduates to invest on quality soft skills and skill enhancement training even outside of their college. The major reason attributed to this opinion is the fact that a multitude of engineering colleges (the privately managed ones) offer very negligible training in skill development for students.

“Most of today’s private colleges are focussed only on completing the syllabus on time. This is where their responsibility ends. Educators are not bothered about where the student goes after this.” stated Krishna Bhat the head of department (HOD) of computer science and principal of a well-known engineering college in Karnataka.

Krishna Bhat also advises fresh engineers to seek a short-term (preferably 3 months) course on soft skills and evens skill enhancement before jumping in to work. Most of these programs usually do not involve inflated costs; therefore, financial burden is also mostly eliminated.

Skill enhancement helps in mastering concepts completely

In case you are into coding, experts recommend that you work extensively on programming languages. “Pick one programming language and master it.” recommends Bastin.

Our survey respondents, also comprising of fresh coders, were enthusiastic to take up Red Hat Linux Certification.

Other preferred courses were SAP, Data base Administration (DBA), and Software Testing. These also cut across graduates from even other branches of engineering who sought entry into the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITes) domains.

Soft Skills, Skill Enhancement Programs Take You Closer To Your Dream Engineering Job
Skill enhancement preference among our survey respondents

Now, in case you are not a coder, and not from the IT domain at all, it is best that you specifically concentrate on certification courses related to your domain; rather than jumping on to the information technology (IT) bandwagon.

Finally, with multiple Post Graduate Diploma options, your career scope only increases.

Experts Consulted:

Bastin Robin chief data scientist at Bengaluru-based Hash Research Labs
Harish Babu soft skills trainer at Keonics Bengaluru
Prof. Krishna Bhat head of department (HoD) of computer science and Principal at a top engineering college in Karnataka
Fresh engineering students numbering 100

A couple of human resource professionals who did not want to be quoted

A senior HR professional at Symantec who requested anonymity

Written by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY


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