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Tackling Technical Interviews In 2017 Requires More Than Just Theoretical Preparation

Lateral Thinking should solve majority of the problems associated with facing technical interviews

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Adapt Lateral Thinking

This is one aspect that really comes in handy when you are facing an interview. The interviewer could pose questions that could completely stun you.

“Today’s recruiters have become smart. The technical round generally presents them an opportunity to showcase their brilliance. Here, you should think laterally and logically, than from an academic and personal viewpoint, in these situations,” advices Dr Radhakrishnan.

Fretting over ‘unexpected’ technical queries is not required; you could also choose not to answer these; but this approach is associated with more risk as pure denial could cost you the job. Nonetheless, you could borrow more time to analyse the issue and then come up with suitable solutions.

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Seeking time is definitely not an offense during technical interviews.

Communicate with your interviewer; educate as well

It is vital to always ask questions (only valid ones) to the interviewer; these are welcome even when the actual interaction is taking place. You could also educate the interviewer on the latest technologies that you have researched upon, how this can be used by the company, pros & cons, and a lot more. This creates a positive impact on the recruiter who then gets set to recommend you to the next levels of interviews.

Research, research, and research

Remember that even after the interview is finished, you should take considerable time to try and self-assess your performance. You could also ask for feedbacks from the company, in case the interview turns out to be negative. It is great if the interaction results in positivity, speak to your interviewer again and find out which were the skills (and aspects) that got you that ‘dream job’ that you have always wanted.

With this information, you can do a complete self-assessment, and decide the next step accordingly.

Dr Radhakrishnan HK a Bengaluru-based career counsellor possessing more than two decades of experience in guiding students


Rajesh AM Senior Recruiter at a reputed multinational software firm in Bengaluru
Priyaa Arya Mentor & Counsellor at Bengaluru-based Banjara Academy


A Bengaluru-based senior recruiter at a popular job portal who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity

Written by Rahul R, Senior Technical Journalist at EFY


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