Some manufacturers therefore specify an additional design lifetime for their new drivers which may correspond to 70,000 hours!

In-house development not really justified
Manufacturers with in-house electronics know-how and large production volume might find their own development justfied.They should, however, take into account that their products must pass electromagnetic compatibility tests and meet the new UL 8750 safety standards before being certified.In many cases, it therefore proves sensible to fall back on cost-efficientsolutions of certified drivers from reliable manufacturers.

The way forward
The accelerated development of LEDs drives the market for LED drivers. Converters that match the life expectancy of LEDs are in demand. Service costs tend towards zero provided matching life expectancy is guaranteed. Wrong cost savings might prove expensive. High warranty or a specified life expectancy might be helpful to eliminate uncertainties, especially from reliable manufacturers who will be active in the market for years to come.

The author is product marketing manager at RECOM Electronic GmbH, Dreieich


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