Wednesday, March 22, 2023

How to Reduce Size and Weight of Pulse Load Power Supply

Oleg Negreba is Head of R&D, AEDON

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An important advantage of a PSU with fast voltage feedback is galvanically isolated differential synchronisation input. This allows frequency synchronisation of several simultaneously operating units and ensures reliable hardware and software filtration of electromagnetic interference of converters. High conversion frequency not only positively impacts the weight and dimensions of the units but also allows to isolate in different ranges the operating frequency area of the AESA transceiver equipment and units’ switching noise.

When selecting a power supply unit with fast voltage feedback, it is important to consider small dimensions as well as the ability to operate within as wide a temperature range as possible, which sometimes can reach -60 to +125°. Other important functions may include remote on/off, protection against over-current, short-circuit and over-voltage, as well as output voltage fault monitoring. Polymer potting sealing ensures strong protection of the units against damage from harsh environments, vibration, dirt, moisture or salt mist.




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