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Reference Design For A Small Brushed DC Motor Controller

This reference design is for a compact brushed DC motor controller that can be used in printers, currency counters and various other personal and industrial applications.

Texas Instruments TIDA-00786 is a reference design for a small motor controller. The design is suitable for a small-footprint brushed DC motor controller that has a fixed 100% duty-cycle speed input and variable current regulation. The reference design comes with an integrated current sensing feature that allows the design to utilize a standard potentiometer allowing the user to vary the current limiting level quickly between a range of motors that can be powered by a 12- to 24-V input.

The reference design comes with an internal current regulation that allows for a compact size. The design comes with a DC barrel plug and features an onboard 100-mill header for quick change of motor connections. The reference design also features a durable potentiometer for controlling the speed. It offers a fixed speed input at 100% duty-cycle and can work with an input voltage of 12- to 24-V providing a continuous current of up to 3.6 Amps.

The reference design is cost-effective and simple to build because of the integrated current sensing and integrated H-bridge. The reference design requires only a few discrete components used as bulk capacitance, a voltage divider to control the 100% duty-cycle input, and the potentiometer + series resistor used for the variable current limiting.

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Features of the Reference Design:

  • 12- to 24-V operation with up to 3.6 Amps continuous motor current
  • fixed speed input at 100% duty-cycle
  • onboard 100-mill header for quick change of motor connections
  • DC Barrel plug allows for universal connections from different commercial power supplies
  • durable potentiometer equipped to handle extended use
  • internal current regulation allows for extremely small footprint
  • variability of RILIM reduces test time for determining proper end application current regulation level


This reference design has been tested by TI. The company has also provided additional resources such as schematics, Gerber files, etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design click here.


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