Once all the above software are installed, copy Python codei n Home folder, which is given below.

Run by issuing the following command:

 [stextbox id=”grey”]$sudo python[/stextbox] runs indefinitely to get input from the user.

Fig. 3: Text image (example.jpg) captured by the camera during testing
Fig. 3: Text image (example.jpg) captured by the camera during testing

Note. If the resolution of your camera is not good, OCR performance will be poor and the speech output will also degrade.

We have used Logitech C270 camera for testing this project. The camera resolution by default is 720×340, which is the maximum resolution supported by this webcam. If the camera is unable to capture the text properly, you will either hear distorted sound from the speaker or no sound at all.

The text image (example.jpg) being captured by this camera during testing is shown in Fig. 3. You can find example.jpg and speech.txt files under Home directory.

Download relevant files: click here

Gurunath Reddy M. is an MS student at IIT Kharagpur­­­



  1. When I run this code it is showing error that no subprocess is created and I can’t get anything about subprocess. So kindly you give some idea about subprocess


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